Northeastern University Preparedness Day

Make sure you know what to do in an emergency

Northeastern University’s Preparedness Day offers a series of events that will teach you how to plan for emergencies or react in an urgent situation. NUPD officers and staff will share information, provide trainings, and facilitate discussion-based exercises so you’ll be prepared in case disaster strikes. Preparedness Day is an opportunity both to learn lifesaving skills—such as CPR and SAFE self-defense—and to pick up practical knowledge such as online security.

Participate in Preparedness Day to help ensure you’ll have the knowledge and skills to take action in case of emergency and to reduce the effects of a disaster. The conference is being offered at no cost to its participants and will include keynote presentations, plenary sessions, interactive exhibits, and training opportunities from the NUPD, Office of Emergency Management, and our safety partners.

The 2019 Preparedness Day Conference will be held on October 17 & 18 on the Boston Campus.