Safety Training

Offering a variety of trainings, from CPR to self-defense

Self Defense Instruction

NUPD offers FREE self-defense classes to all students, staff, and faculty. There is a basic 2.5hr class and an advanced 5hr course. There are two options for courses, an all-gender course and a female identified course.

Basic Self Defense Class

One 2-hour class that includes risk reduction information and techniques, basic self-defense tactics, and emphasizes ways students can defend themselves by creating distance from their aggressors and getting help.

Upcoming Courses:

All Classes run from 6 – 8PM

Wednesday, 3/20/2024

Monday, 3/25/2024

Monday, 4/15/2024

Wednesday, 6/5/2024

Wednesday, 6/12/2024

Register using the online form below or call 617-373-3940

Advanced Self Defense Class

Two back-to-back 2.5-hour classes (five hours of total instruction) that include risk reduction information and techniques, in-depth self-defense tactics, and the final instruction ends with students utilizing their newly acquired skills defending themselves against instructors dressed in full body suits!

Please note, participants MUST attend both dates.

Dates Available:

Wednesday, 4/3/2024

Wednesday, 4/10/2024

Register using the online form below or call 617-373-3940

Aerosol Defense Class

One 2-hour class that teaches the safe and proper use of pepper spray.

Dates Available:

Tuesday, 4/9/2024  |  6 – 8PM

Register using the online form below or call 617-373-3940

If you have any questions, please contact:
Self-Defense Program Supervisor: Rachel Jolliffe via email [email protected] or call 617-373-3940

CPR Certification / Re-Certification

For CPR Training, we have the following options:

Full Class:

The full class includes; video instructions and hands-on practicals. The cost of the full class is $ 25.00


If you sign up for a practical class only, you will be required to take an online course before your scheduled practical with NUPD.  The online course can be found here:

The practical-only class contains TWO fees. One fee is for the online course ($32.50) and the other fee is for the processing of the CPR card ($25.00) with our training site. The $25.00 fee for the processing of the CPR card must be paid prior to the class via NUPD’s storefront. We will send more information about the storefront once you pick your class. After completing the online module, bring your certificate of completion to your in-person practical with NUPD.


All Classes run from 9AM – 3PM

Saturday Aug 5, 2023

Saturday Oct 7, 2023

Saturday  Nov 4, 2023

Saturday  Dec 2, 2023

Saturday Feb 3, 2024

Saturday Apr 6, 2024

Sign Up via email to [email protected]

If the above dates don’t work for you OR the class you want is already full, you can take a class with the NUEMS club. The NUEMS club is a Northeastern University, student-run organization that offers CPR classes to the campus. Please visit

For any additional questions, email [email protected] or call 617-373-3940