Safety Escort Services

Services to ensure travel safety on and around campus

Rides, Dusk to Dawn

Personal Safety Escorts

We want you to feel safe anywhere you go on campus. If you need to be accompanied from one point to another, you can arrange for a personal safety escort any time of day. You’ll need to provide your name, Northeastern ID number, and location. Safety escorts usually arrive in 10 to 15 minutes.

Call 617.373.2121 to schedule a safety escort pick-up.

Restrictions The safety escort service is not intended to be a taxi service. Transportation will not be provided to workplaces, restaurants, airports, bus terminals, and so on. Students who display disruptive behavior or are intoxicated may not use this service. Transportation will not be provided for students accompanied by pets or animals.

RedEye Off-Campus Safety Escort

If you need a ride at night, the RedEye—an off-campus safety escort—is available for students who live within two miles of the center of campus.

Every night from 5 p.m. until 6 a.m., the RedEye van will pick students up at Egan Access Road, behind Snell Library. In order to use this escort, you must book a ride in advance using the RedEye App or you can book a ride at the RedEye dispatch center located at the Northeast Security office in the Ruggles Substation.

Download the RedEye App.