NUPD Crime, Fire, and Arrest Log

NUPD Crime, Fire, and Arrest Log

In accordance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (the “Clery Act”), and Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 41, Section 98F, NUPD publishes a daily crime, fire and arrest log, referred to as the Public Police Log.

Content of the Public Police Log

The Public Police Log contains the following information:

  • Crimes reported to NUPD.
  • NUPD responses to valid calls for services within NUPD jurisdiction, excluding calls for service related to medical or well-being checks, alarms, escorts, and maintenance.
  • Fires within residential halls facilities.
  • The name, address, and charges against any arrested individual as well as whether the individual was arrested (physical in-custody arrest) or summonsed to court. All individuals arrested or summonsed to court are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

The Public Police Log includes the nature, date, time and general location of reported crimes, as well as the disposition of the complaint.  Information is added to the Public Police Log within two business days of reporting, except if the disclosure is prohibited by law or would jeopardize the confidentiality of a victim.

Information may be temporarily withheld from the Public Police Log if NUPD determines the release of the information could jeopardize an ongoing criminal investigation or the safety of an individual, cause a suspect to flee or evade detection, or result in destruction of evidence.  Once the information is no longer likely to prove harmful, it will be added to the log.


The Public Police Log for the most recent 60 day period is available to the public. The Public Police Log is available electronically using the following link – NUPD Public Police Log

Portions of the log that are older than 60 days are available upon request.

For questions regarding the Public Police Log, please contact: Lt. Det. Wendy Lynch at [email protected].