NUPD Leadership

The men and women of NUPD build relationships to keep our community secure.


  • Michael A. Davis is Vice President of Campus Safety and Chief of Police, with authority over all of Northeastern campuses and facilities. He oversees all aspects of Northeastern’s public safety division, including a comprehensive program of services, such as police, security, crime prevention, fire safety, and emergency medical services. Davis also ensures the university is prepared to address safety concerns for Northeastern students studying and working across the globe. He holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a master’s degree in organizational management from Concordia University.

    Michael A. Davis

    Vice President Campus Safety / Chief of Police

Meet Our Team

  • Ruben Galindo

    Director of Public Safety and Deputy Chief of Police

  • Todd C. Kaplan

    Director, Emergency Management

  • Khushal Safi

    Director, Travel Safety and Security

  • Regina Coppa

    Associate Director, Global Site Security

  • Alyssa Fontana Berg

    Associate Director, Travel Safety and Security

  • Adam Keeling

    Lieutenant, Professional Standards

  • Wendy Lynch

    Lieutenant Detective, Investigations and Special Operations

  • Chris VonHandorf

    Lieutenant, Patrol Operations

  • John Farrell

    Staff Sergeant, Crime Prevention and Community Engagement

  • Gregory Che

    Assistant Director, Budget Analysis and Chief of Staff

  • Sue DuBrava

    Manager, Administration and Finance