Community Programs

Supporting and strengthening ties with our neighbors to make a positive impact

Building Connections With the Community

Community engagement is one of our main focus areas. Whether it’s story time for children, after-school programs for teens, or care packages for the homeless—we listen to the needs of the people and communities around us and respond in ways that are meaningful. Our work allows us to build connections, form collaborations, and strengthen bonds with our neighbors to make a difference in their lives.

Here are just a few  examples of the work we do to support  our local communities.

Youth Police Academies  Our weeklong youth experience takes place when school’s out. Cadets get daily physical training, learn about crime scene investigations, practice defensive tactics, learn patrol procedures, and more. These activities are led by our officers.

Power Up   This 12-week course for youth meets after school on Northeastern’s campus. Local experts teach classroom and practical skills such as money management,  and  rights and responsibilities.

Bike Rodeo  Our yearly event teaches local youth proper techniques for cycling, rules of the road, and proper use of cycling equipment. It’s a fun day that can also save lives.

Story Time  Our monthly reading time takes place at the  Learn & Play  Child Care  Center  in Lower Roxbury.  This helps our future readers learn to love books,  and  helps families  engage with our department.

Helpful Ticket campaign  Our officers give out embossed cards to youth whose actions are commendable, helpful, and make the community a better place to live. These “tickets” can be redeemed at local eating establishments.

Harvest Walk  This annual Halloween event for local youth  is  organized  in conjunction with Northeastern Crossing and other departments on campus. Officers also provide safe travel for very young trick-or-treaters.

Southwest Corridor Connections  Each month, we set up a tent next to Northeastern’s International Village residence hall. We greet cyclists and pedestrians as they travel by. We provide free coffee, hot chocolate, and water bottles—and of course, encouragement.

Care Packages for the Homeless  We offer rides to local shelters or hospitals to our homeless community members, as well as provide items such as handwarmers in winter, snacks, and water.

Law Enforcement Area Resource Network (LEARN)  We  started and  continue to host this    monthly meeting during which college  and hospital  police  departments share engagement strategies to bring back to their respective campuses.

Toys  for Tots  Every year, LEARN partners with Toys for Tots during the holiday season and collects hundreds of toys to donate to children in our community.

ROCA  Our officers collaborate with this Boston-area nonprofit by mentoring young adults who have had early experiences in crime and incarceration. The mission is to disrupt the cycle of incarceration.

Neighborhood  Meetings  We make monthly appearances and give reports to citizens at neighborhood meetings in surrounding areas such as Fort  Hill, Mission Hill, the Fenway, Boston, and Roxbury.

NUPD Advisory Board

We collaborate with the NUPD Advisory Board and the community to create transparency, provide and promote resources, and implement action and reform for the greater public good.