Providing crime prevention, community policing, and emergency police and medical services

Proactive Policing

Members of NUPD are assigned to specific areas to patrol throughout the campus. We stay in touch with faculty, staff, and students to foster good working relationships and reduce crime on campus.

All our police officers are commissioned in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws, and have full law enforcement authority in and upon all property owned, occupied, or used by the university. Officers are also commissioned as deputy sheriffs in Suffolk County, which grants them the authority to exercise police duties on the public streets and other areas of the city contiguous to the campus.

All newly appointed university police officers are graduates of a police academy conducted or sanctioned by the Massachusetts State Police or Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council. This consists of several months of full-time, in-depth training in all aspects of police operations and is followed by several weeks of field training under the close supervision of a field training officer. Annual in-service refresher training is provided to all specialized topics.