Reporting a Crime

If you witness a crime in progress, contact emergency services immediately. For situations on the Boston campus, contact NUPD at 617.373.3333. At all other locations, call 911 and then follow up with NUPD as soon as possible.

Emergency personnel will respond and will call additional resources for assistance, if necessary, based on the location of the incident.

When you call emergency services, give your location, name, and phone number. Don’t hang up until the emergency services operator tells you to do so. As long as you’re in a safe location, remain at the location until an officer contacts you.

NUPD launched SafeZone, a cloud-based mobile application that allows users to send a real-time, geo-located alert to emergency personnel, allowing them to quickly respond to emergencies. Quick access to call NUPD is available through the app, as well as one-touch dialing to local emergency resources when outside of the Boston campus and across the globe.