Media Inquiries

In an emergency, you may hear from the media. Refer all media inquiries to the Communications Office, which will share the most accurate information.

Working With the Communications Office

The Communications Office serves as the point of contact for all media inquiries. During an emergency situation, it’s especially important that reporters be directed to the Communications Office. The office speaks on behalf of the university and has the most accurate and up-to-date information available about an incident. In addition, Communications works closely with emergency responders to coordinate what information may be released to the general public. When you receive a call from a media representative, please take the following steps:

  • Direct all media inquiries to the Communications Office at 617.373.5471.
  • To assist the Communications Office in responding as quickly as possible, feel free to obtain the following information and forward it to the Communications Office:
    • The reporter’s name and phone number
    • The media organization represented
    • The type of information sought
    • The reporter’s deadline
  • Regardless of the situation or what the media questions might be, never say “No comment.” A better response is “Thanks for calling. Allow me to refer you to our Communications Office, which handles media questions, and they will be able to assist you.”
  • Never speak “off the record” with the media. Always assume that they will use any information that they obtain in their report.