Campus Safety
Oakland Campus

Northeastern University’s Oakland campus has a fully staffed public safety office of trained professionals who are charged with keeping the campus safe. Dedicated officers monitor campus traffic, patrol the grounds, respond to emergencies, and secure campus buildings. Oakland Public Safety has fostered one of the safest campuses in the San Francisco Bay Area by implementing a series of safety measures and policies that cover virtually every possible occurrence, from natural disasters to crime.

Campus Access

Our Oakland campus is open during standard business hours and can be accessed via MacArthur Boulevard, conveniently located off Interstate 580. Public safety officers welcome our students, faculty, staff, and visitors from their security post at the front gate to help direct traffic as needed.

All visitors accessing campus after hours (8:00 p.m.–5:00 a.m. Pacific time) are required to present identification at the front gate in the form of a Northeastern ID card (Husky card) or a government-issued ID. Anyone without proper identification, including minors, will be required to be met at the front gate by their Northeastern host to be escorted on to campus.

Key Requests

Specific campus facilities such as classrooms, labs, lounges, and practice rooms can be requested for use by a department head or higher by submitting a key request for approval. Request keys by contacting [email protected]. Please allow up to 72 hours for processing and submit individual requests for each set of keys that is needed.

Personal Precautions and Campus Safety Measures

Emergency blue light call boxes
The Oakland campus is equipped with 24-hour emergency call boxes located in the following parking lots: Richards Road, Post Road, CPM, Orchard Meadow, Prospect Hill, and the Wetmore gate. See the emergency phone locations on the Oakland campus map (PDF). Identified by a blue light, call boxes are activated by pressing the emergency button on the front which immediately connects you with the Oakland security gatehouse and field officers. The call box automatically provides your location to our public safety officers.

Residence hall safety
Students are advised to close and lock all windows and doors when leaving residence hall rooms or apartments. To prevent theft through open windows and unlocked doors, propping open building access windows and doors is prohibited. Do not leave personal items in common areas and be sure to store valuable items out of sight in residence hall rooms.

Pine Top Fitness Trail safety
Our Pine Top hiking and running trail loops around the Oakland campus perimeter, taking you through the hills and by Lake Aliso on the eastern edge of campus and past the campus farm on the western side. See the trail route on the campus map (PDF). Our campus community is encouraged to use this approximately 2-mile fitness trail during daylight hours with a partner or group. You may encounter local wildlife such as deer, raccoons, or wild turkeys while on the trail. For your safety, give any animals a wide berth and do not attempt to feed or touch them.

Situational awareness tips
We encourage everyone to keep our community safe by following these standard guidelines:

  • Don’t leave valuable items unattended.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
    • Don’t walk with both earbuds in and don’t be distracted by your devices.
    • Walk in well-lit or populated areas and avoid walking alone if possible.
    • Have your car, residence hall, or apartment key in hand before you reach the door.
  • Report suspicious activity or individuals.
    • See something, say something!
    • Trust your instincts—if something doesn’t feel right, remove yourself from the situation.
  • Program your cell phone to speed-dial 911 and Oakland Public Safety’s emergency number, 510.430.3333.
  • Know your resources.
    • Oakland Public Safety offers personal safety escorts 24/7 on campus.
    • The SafeZone app connects you directly to local emergency services.

More safety tips
For additional information, visit the Northeastern University Police Department’s General Safety Tips page.

Public Crime Log and Fire Reports

Oakland Public Safety maintains public crime and fire logs that record, by date of report, all crimes, fires, and other serious incidents occurring on campus, in non-campus buildings or properties, public property, or within department jurisdiction. Both reports are available for public inspection in the Public Safety Administrative Office at CPM 113 during normal business hours from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific time, Monday through Friday.

Lost and Found

Lost and found is located in the Public Safety Administrative Office at CPM 113. To report or claim your property, please visit during regular business hours or submit an inquiry via email at [email protected]. A valid ID or description of the item may be requested prior to release of property.