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Timely Warning & Emergency Notifications

This page holds a record of the past Timely Warning and NU Alert Emergency Notifications to our campus community. Expand the headings below for the full message content.

NUPD Follow Up - 2019 JUL 22 - Attempted Assault Suspect Apprehended

NUPD Follow Up Notification

The Northeastern University Police Department, in coordinated efforts with surrounding law enforcement agencies, has identified the suspect involved in last Thursday’s attempted assault that occurred on our Boston campus. Subsequently, a warrant was issued for the suspect and he has been apprehended.

As always, please continue to report any suspicious activity or concerns you may have to the 24/7 NUPD Communications Center at 617.373.2121 or use the SafeZone mobile safety app. To learn more about the resources made available by the NUPD, please visit

Thank you.


Northeastern University Police Department

EMERGENCY • 617.373.3333 | NUPD • 617.373.2121 | WE CARE   617.373.4384 | EAP   877.739.3989 | UHCS •  617.373.2772

NUPD Advisory - 2019 JUL 19 - Excessive Heat Through This Weekend

NUPD Advisory / Severe Weather Notification

The National Weather Service (NWS) is forecasting excessive heat and humidity to begin this afternoon, peaking Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Daytime highs are forecast to be in the 90s to low 100s today through Sunday, with dew points in the low to mid 70s. Little cooling is expected to take place in the overnight hours, with lows in most areas only dropping to the mid 70s to near 80. There has been an Excessive Heat Warning issued for the NU Boston Campus.

Please use caution when outdoors, protect yourself from the sun, and limit the time you are in the heat. Be aware of heat-related illness and keep cool! Should you find yourself feeling ill or observe someone else in need of assistance on campus, please contact the NUPD at 617.373.2121 and remember to use the SafeZone mobile safety app to quickly connect with the NUPD. More information is available at

Check the NU Weather Station at for current weather conditions.

For additional #BeatTheHeat tips, please check out

Stay safe, Huskies!


Northeastern University Police Department

EMERGENCY • 617.373.3333 | NUPD • 617.373.2121 | WE CARE   617.373.4384 | EAP   877.739.3989 | UHCS •  617.373.2772

Timely Warning - 2019 JUL 18 - Attempted Assault in Academic Building

NUPD Timely Warning Notification

The Northeastern University Police Department is investigating an attempted sexual assault that occurred at approximately 12:50 p.m. on July 18, 2019 in a Northeastern University academic building. The incident involved an NU student victim and an unidentified suspect described as a dark-skinned Hispanic or black male with a beard, approximately 5’10”-6’0″ tall. The suspect was last observed leaving campus on an outbound Orange Line MBTA train. At this time, there is no ongoing threat to the community based on this incident.

In addition, the Northeastern University Police Department would like to remind our community of the following safety tips:

Be Aware of Your Surroundings 
Remove distractions whenever possible. Getting lost in thought or in your headphones may be routine when walking to class or studying in a quiet spot, but it is crucial to keep your eyes and ears open. While this sounds easy enough, listening to music, talking on a cell phone, and text messaging are all distractions. Know what is going on around you and keep alert. If you notice anything that you feel is unsafe or suspicious, let NUPD know by calling 617.373.2121.

SafeZone Mobile Safety App 
SafeZone is a smart phone app that any student or staff member can download and use for free. This App will connect you directly to the NUPD should you need our assistance or emergency support while you are on campus. More information on the SafeZone mobile app can be found at

Stay on the Path 
Keep to well-traveled areas and avoid alleyways. At night, keep on the lighted paths whenever possible.

Avoid Walking Alone 
There is safety in numbers and it is always beneficial to walk with others, especially at night. Wanting to get home after a night out or between late night classes, you may be tempted to give in to walking alone – avoid it whenever possible and if you feel unsafe, contact NUPD.

Know Your Resources 
Take note of where emergency phones are on campus and know that you can always contact the NUPD. The NUPD offers personal safety escorts 24 hours a day from one point to another on campus whenever you feel unsafe. From 7:00pm until 6:00am, the REDEYE service is available to provide you with a ride up to two miles off campus. For additional information on all of the services that NUPD offers, please see our website at or contact us at 617.373.2121.

Trust Your Instincts
Taking control of your own safety means doing what is necessary to avoid dangerous situations. If something doesn’t feel right, even if you can’t put your finger on why, try to remove yourself from the situation altogether. Trust your instincts.

Remember to be safe Huskies!

Northeastern University Police Department


EMERGENCY • 617.373.3333 | NUPD • 617.373.2121 | WE CARE   617.373.4384 | EAP   877.739.3989 | UHCS •  617.373.2772