Preparing for an Emergency

NUPD wants to ensure you have the information to stay safe in an emergency. Preparing for a crisis means taking a few actions to help ensure you’re comfortable and safe in an urgent situation.

Get a kit of essential supplies. Always have a ready supply of water along with some nonperishable food—enough to get you through a few days. Think about all possible situations and where you would likely be during an emergency. Think about being prepared in your home, your car, and your office.

Make a plan for what you will do in an emergency. Work out a communication plan with your family in the event that cell service is not available. Consider how far you’d have to travel to get home and where you might go if you were unable to go home. Do you have friends or relatives within driving distance to Northeastern? Communicate in advance with your family in the event that you lose communication with them. Don’t forget about social media as another means of communication with your friends and family.

Be informed about what might happen. NU Alert is the university’s primary method of emergency communication. Go to to learn more about the NU Alert system and confirm your information is current on the myNortheastern portal.