Student in Distress

If you’re in contact with a student who appears to be an immediate threat to his or her own safety or that of others, you should call NUPD at 617.373.3333 when it’s safe to do so.

NUPD will work with appropriate resources to provide assistance. At Northeastern’s locations throughout its global network, staff should call 911 for immediate assistance and follow up with NUPD when possible.

Here’s a quick reference for assisting students having difficulties. The following are common symptoms of distress:

  • Significant change in academic performance or classroom conduct
  • Unusual behavior or appearance
  • Traumatic event or change in relationships
  • Talk of suicide, homicide, or death
  • You can respond by:
    • Speaking privately with the student
    • Directly and candidly discussing your observations and concerns
    • Offering support and assistance
  • You can refer the student to a mental health professional at the counseling center:
    • Be caring, firm, and straightforward in your referral
    • Consider calling from your office or escorting the student to University Health and Counseling Services, if appropriate
  • Discuss your concerns about a student with any of the following campus resources:
    • University Health and Counseling Services at 617.373.2772
    • We Care Student Support Office at 617.373.4384